User's manual

This manual is also available in PDF version.

Server browser

Arrow Key – moves selection highlight up
DOWN Arrow Key – moves selection highlight down
CTRL, SHIFT – if either of them is held down, the UP and DOWN arrow keys allow to move up and down a page

TAB – moves between columns (ping, number of players, map, hostname)
ENTER – joins the selected server
CTRL + ENTER – joins the selected server as an observer

LEFT or RIGHT Arrow Keys – change mode filters (all game modes, duel, 2on2, 4on4)
CTRL + R – refreshes the list of servers

CTRL + F – opens a player search box
/ – opens a map/server search box

ESC – quits the server browser

Default keys

W – moves forward
S – moves back
A – moves left
D – moves right

SPACE – jump

Left Mouse Button – (primary attack) Rocket Launcher
Right Mouse Button – (secondary attack) Thunderbolt
Middle Mouse Button – (tertiary attack) Grenade Launcher

Q – Axe
E – Shotgun
SHIFT – Nailgun

T – say something
G – say something to your team

F5 – opens the server browser
F6 – sends a message containing the IP and the hostname of the currently selected server in the server browser
F12 – takes a screenshot which will be saved in the \Fodquake\qw folder

Essential commands

To open the console press the ~ (tilde) key. It's usually located just below the ESC key.

sensitivity – adjusts mouse sensitivity
volume – adjusts the sound volume
observe – reconnects as an observer
observe <server> – connects to a specific host as an observer
join – joins as a player (while in observer mode)
join <server> – connects to a specific host
enemycolor 12 12 – makes all enemies appear yellow
teamcolor 4 4 – makes all team members appear red
enemyskin base – disables enemy skins
teamskin base – disables team skins
reconnect – reconnects to the server
disconnect – disconnects from the server
quit – exits the game

Teamplay Messages

You can quickly send automated notifications to your team by using the following keys. This may appear a little confusing at first, but once you start playing team games everything will become self–explanatory.

1 – Enemy [Powerup]
2 – Team [Powerup]
3 – Quad Dead/Over
4 – Get Quad
5 – Get Pent
6 – Replace [Location]
CTRL – [Item you look at] at [Item Location]
ALT – [Armor]/[Health] [Best Weapon]:[Ammo] [Location] c:[Cells Ammo] [Powerup]
Z – Safe [Location] [Best Weapon]:[Ammo]
X – Help [Location] [Number of Enemies]
C – Coming [Location]
R – Need [What you need] [Location]
F – Took [Item you took] [Item Location]
V – Lost [Location where you died] [Number of Enemies]
B – Enemy Slipped [Location]
Y – Yes/OK [Location]
H – Trick [Location]
N – No/Cancel [Location]
U – You Take [Location]
J – Waiting [Location]
K – Kill me [Location] [Best Weapon]:[Ammo]

Changing maps

maps displays the list of all the available maps on the server. To change maps, simply type in the map’s name. dm2, dm4, dm6, ztndm3 and aerowalk are considered essential and you should learn all of them. For teamplay, the standard maps are dm2, dm4, dm6, ztndm3, aerowalk, dm3 and e1m2.

On the FFA (Free For All) servers, you can also use the next_map command to vote to change the map.

Starting the match

Only the FFA servers will allow you to play straight away. If you want to become good at Quake, try to avoid the FFA servers and focus on duels and teamplay first.

KTX (Kombat Teams eXtreme) are considered “standard” and these type of servers are the most common in QuakeWorld.

After joining a KTX server, set the correct gameplay mode first by typing in 1on1 (duel), 2on2 or 4on4 for teamplay. Then each player must type ready to start the match. Type break to come back from ready or to vote to stop the match.

In the teamplay modes, you can use the rpickup command to randomly assign players to each team. The whonot command shows which players are not ready.

Saving settings

Type cfg_save and press ENTER, then again cfg_save and ENTER to confirm.

Reset to default settings

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to restore the default „classicQ” settings, simply navigate to the \Fodquake\fodquake\configs\ folder and delete the “default.cfg” file. Do not remove the “default.cfg” from the \Fodquake\fodquake\ folder!


To view demos, go to the “main menu” (the ESC key) then “multiplayer” and “demos”. ClassicQ already contains some nice recordings. Make sure to check them out!

You will often see the “Server starts recording” and “Server recording completed” messages in the console. Most QuakeWorld servers automatically record each game. To display the list of recorded demos on the server, use the cmd dlist command. cmd dl <number> will download the selected demo from the list. cmd dl . (dot instead of a number) will download the latest. cmd dl cancel cancels the download.


Many players choose to play with gibs and corpses disabled for better visibility. To enable these filters, simply type in the following: cl_gibFilter 1 and cl_deadbodyFilter 1


“[ServeMe]” bots are part of a broadcasting service that allows sending messages to the QuakeWorld servers and the QuakeWorld IRC channels. When you are on a server where a [ServeMe] bot is observing the game use .qw <message> or .spam <message> to broadcast messages. You are limited to few messages per minutes. Please don’t spam and be polite and respectful at all times.


To join QuakeTV stream please use the following format:
/qtvplay <stream id>@<hostname>:<QuakeTV port>

For example: /qtvplay

Team Fortress

Although the Team Fortress mod is compatible with classicQ, and sometimes you will see TF servers in the server browser, in order to play it, you will need to set it up on your own. TF is very different from traditional QuakeWorld and has a separate community. It's just not an area of focus for classicQ.


To get the latest updates, either visit the classicQ repository at to find the most recent commit or simply download the latest Fodquake build from the official site at classicQ uses Fodquake as a QuakeWorld client.

Source code

Please note that the copy of the Fodquake source code that is located at is for reference only. The most recent version is only available at and has a dedicated Git repository.

Additional support

Support is available at the following two places: – forum
irc:// – #qwrookie, #quakeworld and #fodquake channels